Kids Say the Darnedest…


Children fascinate me.  I remember once jokingly telling my son, when he was much much younger, that he should study Medicine as he was good in Sciences.  He answered me as only a child could, “Mum, you want me to become a doctor so I can treat the family for free?” That was a surprise response but very authentic – that is how he saw the end game.  I guess he could not imagine charging the family if they went to his clinic but to think that the reason for the suggestion was access to free treatment eludes me even today. Luckily he ended up studying Business IT and is in Banking so we don’t have to revisit the Doctor question.

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Daddy Issues


I know! I know! At the mention of Daddy issues, one may think of a single lady talking about her Baby Daddy.  As much as this is a big issue, there is a bigger Daddy issue. That is what I will be sharing today for our reflection.

Being an only daughter, for most of the time growing up I felt like a Daddy’s girl.  In fact a Cousin who lived with us told me some years back that I was totally spoilt by my Dad mentioning a very expensive watch my Dad had bought me. “What watch?” was my response. I could not remember this so-called gift. Selective memory emanating from Daddy issues had fuelled a different perception.  I didn’t disagree or fight much with my Dad and I only recall three fights throughout my entire life. But as they say in Ghana, chale… were those fights bloody!

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Hearing Voices


I was once a very skeptical Christian and it sort of put me off every time I heard a Christian say, God told me… I would be like, seriously? God spoke to you? She is just showing off and trying to make us believe that she is so spiritual and the rest of us are not. Of course I was aware that God spoke to many people in the past but that was during the Bible days. As a believer, I believed that God spoke to Abraham; He spoke to Moses, to Jacob, Solomon and even to Saul.  These are some of the patriarchs of the Christian faith and it is understandable that God would have spoken to them. But in our world today does God really speak to people? That was the main question for me and the area of departure. I will therefore not judge you if you have the same reaction to this post.

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Love Like No Other


I believe love is one of the most complex emotions we can ever encounter but the word has been so loosely used that its real import has been lost. I can say I love chicken, love my job and love my husband in the same sentence as though those different “loves” mean the same thing.  But let’s face it, love is a precious emotion and we spend a lot of time on things or with people we love. Regardless of what we may say in the contrary, time invested on something can be used to accurately measure the level of love.

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From the Beginning


Have you ever sensed that there is more to life than your daily routine – go to school, finish college, get a job, get married and plan for retirement?  I have!

Let me start by confessing that I am a dreamer.  I have the habit of capturing my dreams in memoirs and over the years I have noticed that many of these self labelled “dreams” should actually be categorised as visions.  To my great amazement, many of them have come to pass and I have watched open-eyed as the very dreams captured in my memoirs play out in front of me in real life. At first that was a little unsettling, as you can imagine, but over time I have embraced this as part of my uniqueness; how I was created; my Godly inheritance. Continue reading “From the Beginning”