The Gift of Brokenness

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Life has a way of teaching us very counter-intuitive lessons.  Why would I choose brokenness over being whole? And why would anyone for that matter? I recently read a book, A Tale of Three Kings, as part of the coursework for a Leadership Development program I am attending. I would recommend anyone planning to take any leadership position or currently in a leadership position (I guess that means everyone) to consider reading the book.   The author has a way of getting into the heart issues that leaders have perfected the art of burying.

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Music Moves the Heart

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I enjoy music.  Although I can’t hold a note to save my life, I appreciate good music. I believe music has the ability to take someone to places they have never been and experience the deepest of emotions. As I listen to a song I travel with the singer and engage in conversations or experiences they have had and I seem to get it – often times the lyrics from the song and the tunes take me back to my own experiences and I can relive those moments with their joys, laughs or hurts.

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Tackling Life Exams


I used to struggle with letting go.  I am quite competitive and I hate to lose so you can imagine how many times I have experienced the pain of losing.  It didn’t matter whether it was in a game of cards, an argument or any activity – not winning did not feel right. When I was growing up I was the queen of re-match.  If I beat you in a game, I wanted to experience the adrenalin rush once again so a re-match was the best way to prove my prowess; and if you beat me, we had to repeat the game so I could get an opportunity to finally beat you. Continue reading “Tackling Life Exams”

To Pray or not…..

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Prayer is one of the hallmarks of the Christian faith and there is never lack of an opportunity to pray.  One can pray when they wake up, before going to bed, in the shower, on the way to work or school, before eating, before starting a meeting; you get the point! Anytime and anywhere is a good time to pray. Did I say prayer, hallmark and Christian in the same sentence? Probably an oxymoron! How incongruous you might say.

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