Marked….for Purpose

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I recently had a dream that took me way, way back.  In the dream, a man came towards the place I was seated and said “I was looking for you”. My response, since I didn’t recognize the man, “you don’t know me so who are you looking for?”  His response, “Show me your hand” which I did. He then surprisingly proceeded to say, “I knew it was you, you are marked”! Like every other startling dream I woke up immediately wondering why I was marked, who had marked me and why the man was looking for me.  How I wished I could slip back into the dream and ask the man those same questions – why am I marked? Who marked me? What does the mark mean? As well as many other endless questions. I did slip back to sleep although I don’t recall a continuation of the dream.

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Express Access

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In today’s world, access to buildings and premises has become a “thing”! What with terrorist attacks and all.  At every Mall and office building there is a security team ready to carry out a body search or handbag/parcel search in order for you to gain entry. Most offices have digital access cards too that determine who gets access or who doesn’t – unless you tailgate someone of course, which unfortunately negates the security measures put in place. Personal security is a big issue and like most I am willing to go through the inconvenience of a body search if it assures me better security.

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Believing Lies

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I sometimes look back at seasons in my life with shock.  Knowing what I know now, it seems as though I was stressing over nothing and believing lies from a source I should not have even been entertaining in the first place. I doubt I am the only one who has gone through what I am just about to describe but I am ok with being considered an outlier . I was brought up Catholic and up until University; all I knew about God and Faith was based on the Catholic teachings.  I have shared in a previous blog that at some point in my life I got deep into Catholicism and I am certain it saved my life. Literally! I was under such severe oppression at an early age because of a lineage which came with heavy spiritual obligations. Let me park that issue right there as it is not the subject of this blog.

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