Connecting the dots

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Writing is one of my greatest hobbies.  I also always find myself jotting something down.  I am that person who captures the salient points of a sermon to share on WhatsApp with people who probably attended the same service with me. I know they just tolerate me much like the person in your WhatsApp group who is always forwarding jokes that are not that funny. Instead of asking them to stop the forwards, you basically tolerate them.  Let me confess. I write those sermons for myself not for my friends in the WhatsApp Group. It’s true, I process things through writing. As I write, I am picking the key points and translating what these mean for my life. If I get the “stop forwarding these sermons” message, I will look for another WhatsApp Group with more silent members. Just saying!

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Obeying the Voice


I don’t know about you but learning obedience has been quite a journey for me.  I am not sure whether growing up as an only daughter in a family with 4 brothers has anything to do with it. Or is it the competitive streak from deep within that continually rears its head and reminds me; “if it’s got to be, it’s up to me”?  Obedience usually comes to play when we are asked to follow instructions without asking too many questions, instructions that may not make sense at that moment, doing things that left to our own devices we may never do or getting us to do the exact opposite of the things we would prefer to be doing.

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The Process to the Promise

Process Promise.jpgThe word “Process” has almost become equated to a curse word.  It is associated with delay, with waiting and at times with denial.  It is therefore not a word that is readily embraced especially in our generation of the Gram, M-pesa and Microwaves.  When I was growing up there was a concoction that was “forced down our throats” every evening. I find no better word to describe the process (did I just say that!) that was followed to get us to swallow the stuff.  To guard against Colds and Flus, our parents made us swallow raw Castor Oil and Seven Seas – slimy and all, tasteless and frankly disgusting. I am made to understand that it was quite effective but I am also quick to remember it was at around the same time when my Grandma would put two drops of a pain relief liquid (Salimia), meant to be rubbed on an injured body part, in her cup of tea every morning.  Amazing!!!

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Kingdom Gatekeepers


Everyone has destiny helpers. It’s just that many of us are not aware of who they are and what their role in our life is. These are people placed in our path to help us achieve certain goals and purpose in life. At times these destiny helpers get on to your very nerves and you wish they could disappear; actually they rarely come in the form that you wish they did. Many of these destiny helpers come to us in the form of Gatekeepers.  I learnt about the concept of Gatekeepers long after I had enjoyed their services. I just did not have a label for these people or their role in my life. It is only at a later stage that I realised I had been blessed with many Gatekeepers.

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Messy as can be

Messy Child

This “come as you are” principle that is a common mantra in many Churches is often nothing but empty words. How welcoming is your place of worship? Be honest now! There is this clip that was doing the rounds in social media recently where the Senior Pastor of a Church disguised himself as a homeless beggar and entered the sanctuary.  You may have seen how many people tried to stop him from even accessing the Church building, not to mention the accusatory looks he received from congregants. To make the matter worse he proceeded to attempt a move towards the pulpit – there was a literal battle as ushers, security, maybe elders and I guess other “keepers of  God’s house” attempted to stop him. You can imagine the shock when the Senior Pastor dropped the guise and revealed himself to the Church.  The gasps from the congregants still ring loud in my mind.

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