The Process to the Promise

Process Promise.jpgThe word “Process” has almost become equated to a curse word.  It is associated with delay, with waiting and at times with denial.  It is therefore not a word that is readily embraced especially in our generation of the Gram, M-pesa and Microwaves.  When I was growing up there was a concoction that was “forced down our throats” every evening. I find no better word to describe the process (did I just say that!) that was followed to get us to swallow the stuff.  To guard against Colds and Flus, our parents made us swallow raw Castor Oil and Seven Seas – slimy and all, tasteless and frankly disgusting. I am made to understand that it was quite effective but I am also quick to remember it was at around the same time when my Grandma would put two drops of a pain relief liquid (Salimia), meant to be rubbed on an injured body part, in her cup of tea every morning.  Amazing!!!

I have been meaning to get back to a promise I made.  To share an analogy I received on the person of the Holy Spirit.  If you have read any of my blogs by now you know how much the Holy Spirit features. It’s true; I am a serial name dropper.  A quick recap then for context if you have no recollection of any of this. There is a time when I was really curious about the Holy Spirit.  I grew up knowing that there is a Trinity but heard more about God and Jesus and very rarely about the Holy Spirit. A friend gifted me a book, “Good morning Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn and I must say I was at first quite reluctant to read it.  I had heard some unflattering words about this preacher and I wasn’t sure about entertaining his teachings. But was I wrong? I just couldn’t put the book down and it is from this book I got some invaluable understanding of the person of the Holy Spirit.

After reading Benny Hinn’s book I was so fascinated by the Holy Spirit that I wanted more.  I desired to have similar experiences as Benny Hinn had described and I got even more curious.  The next book, “The Holy Spirit” authored by Wigglesworth is the one I was reading during a work trip to Oxford.  It was during this trip that I experienced a vision where the Person of the Holy Spirit was revealed to me in a very dramatic manner.  In the middle of reading the book one early morning, I suddenly stopped and started reciting audibly an analogy of the Holy Spirit as if I was reading it from a page or on a screen – it was a very strange experience.  It was almost like an out of body experience. Then as quickly as the recital had started, I just came back to my senses. The analogy itself was very simple. What has stayed in my mind was the dramatic way the Holy Spirit checked into the room that morning and took over the search and concluded it in a swoop.  It was like He was saying, “search no more, I am He that you are looking for”. Wow……… Allow me to recite the analogy the way I remember it from that day.

Imagine a great King is blessed with a baby boy.  A young son born into royalty. Young and helpless, the baby needs a lot of care and attention for literally everything.  The baby has to be fed with milk, cleaned up and protected – can’t do much for himself but his identity is intact. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind who this child us. He is a Prince and a future King. Absolute royalty but can’t even speak for himself.  Then the child grows up into an adolescent. Like every other teenage son, this young man now actually knows who he is. He knows he is a Prince and a future King. He understands the perks that come with the position; he knows he commands respect everywhere he goes. But his Father, the King, knows that he is not yet ready to be assigned a part of the Kingdom to rule over.  Although the son craves responsibility, accountability has not yet checked in and he could mess up big time!

When the son is of age, the King crowns him to rule over a part of the Kingdom which comes with whatever emblems of power that appertain to that Kingdom.  In times of old it was the signet ring. At this point, the son understands the weighty matter of what it takes to be accountable for the wellbeing of a people in the Kingdom. The Prince is aware that he needs advisors and others to help him do the right thing for the Kingdom.  It is absolutely clear to him that it is a privilege and honour to serve. The responsibility is now accompanied with the right sense and level of accountability and the Prince can be trusted with the secrets of the Kingdom. He is now ready to be entrusted with the final tools in preparation for Kingship.  He knows he is called to serve not to Lord over those in the Kingdom.

What I recall from that open vision was that when one is “baptised” with the Holy Spirit it is equated to an empowering, an indwelling, very much like receiving a signet ring from the King. The Holy Spirit then equips us with Kingdom secrets and keys that provide on-going guidance. After all the years Jesus spent with His disciples, He still left them an instruction – Luke 24:49; “And behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high”.  The same applies to me and you.  After all the years in Bible study, after all the years serving in Church, after all the mentoring from admired Church leaders, you still need the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to confront our dysfunctional mind-sets and lead us to repentance in order to change from our crooked ways.  The Holy Spirit on the other hand comes to empower and comfort us. To give us that inner comfort that it shall be well. There is a way. It is not a train smash. It is difficult but we can overcome. Like the Prince who can now rule a part of the Kingdom, the Holy Spirit empowers us to have dominion in the spheres of society we are called to. He is always present for advice and consultation on practically anything – our life in the Kingdom “always on” guide.  That is the Holy Spirit for you.

7 thoughts on “The Process to the Promise

  1. Koki Oyuke

    Really enjoyed this one. I always say that the Holy Spirit is the One who remains. The Proverbs scripture for, “But there is one who sticks closer than a brother” quite possibly means friends who are closer than family but the moment I read if (in high school having borrowed your Good Morning Holy Spirit book) I immediately knew it was Him. May we become conscious of our royalty and may we allow Him to lead us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FK

    I’ve heard the baptism of the Holy Spirit being described as the culmination of our struggles.

    I wonder…… do you just ask for it though? Or is it like any other gift that’s determined by the giver? 🤔


  3. genevamusau

    From reading the Bible and from Bible study classes, yes you ask for the baptism if you have not yet received it. There are people who during baptism with water simultaneously receive the Holy Spirit baptism.

    The disciples were praying and waiting in anticipation for the Holy Spirit. Other converts were asked if they had received the Holy Spirit and if they said no, they were prayed over.

    I always say the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He will not force His way to anyone. He is a friend and comforter. You have to yearn for Him, desire Him – remember the knock at the door? It’s your choice to open or keep it closed.


  4. Awi

    ☺️ How I remember so vividly my experience as I read ‘Good Morning Holy Spirit’, like you I could not put the book the down – one of the best kept secrets – a real gem – a life changer
    Thank you Madame G 🙏🏾


    • genevamusau

      So true! The Holy Spirit is the real “best kept secret” even more than the Book! Those who have “discovered” the Holy Spirit can’t fathom a life without Him. Those who haven’t don’t get what the fuss is all about. Myers Monroe wrote a book titled “The Most Important Person on Earth” – and that is the Holy Spirit.

      I so agree with him…😘

      Liked by 1 person

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