The Power of a Praying Parent


Good things in life come in threes! I know they say that when it rains it pours in reference to trouble coming in threes but the opposite holds true as well.  Power! Praying! Parent! Any of these by themselves is good but when they come together, that’s nothing short of amazing!  My Mum is a staunch Catholic, I mean staunch.  The ones that constantly plan to go to Chumvi, Katoloni, Rome, Israel, the works……  You know them. There is a Novena and a Rosary to be said for practically anything. But today she is not the subject of my writing.

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Is Tithing still Relevant?



For some time now I have been going back and forth, debating with myself as to whether to even dare voice my views on the topic of tithing.  A friend just helped me make that decision (by sharing her views on her blog).  Yes, I will chime in on a topic considered quite controversial. I have been on both ends of the argument and I appreciate the very strong opinions that proponents and dissenters have on this subject.  My view is that money has never been a neutral topic and any number of views or opinions are unlikely to achieve 100% change of mind from one perspective to the next.

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Divine Networks

We do not meet 1.jpg

Networking is not something I personally enjoy! I can wade my way through it but it is not something that particularly energizes me. They say show me the five people that you hang around with the most and I will tell you what your future will look like. This is so true.  It is an evaluation we should never get tired of making and at least ought to undertake once a year. I thought of my five as I wrote this blog.

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Light in the Dark


When I was growing up, my fear for darkness was profound! I come from that generation where owning a lantern was a sign that the family was well to do. Most people in the village had to settle for some tinned contraptions fitted with knitted threads for lighting. I can recite episode after episode of my adventures while handling fear of the dark – hilarious! But that is only on hindsight; at that point it was a life and death situation.

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