Generosity 101


I have two friends that I have admired for many years.  I consider them role models and the kind of people I love to have in my corner. They are not hang up about a little money spend here and there to help someone in need. And this is no secret even to them. They are the kind of friends who will never, ever visit your house empty handed. Pastor Mukisa calls going to visit anyone empty handed as adorning “helicopter hands” – hilarious when demonstrated. The kind of generosity these two friends of mine show is in contrast to other people who could easily get sick at the thought of parting with 500/- for anything.  What is surprising though is that those who don’t like parting with any money tend to be the same ones who expect others to come to their help and yes with money!

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The Desires of Your Heart


Every so often I take time to do a stock take of my life and reflect on the journey I have been on.  Where I have come from, where I am going, what I need to do to get there and the like. The usual musings of the heart. It always surprises me when I realise that stuff that was “big” in my wants and dreams has become actualized. The surprise comes from the fact that I often forget that the goal I am chasing was once a dream and desire. Even more of a surprise is when I go on my usual reflective mode and realise I am living a life that was once a dream.

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People, Places & Purpose


Over the years, I have found myself drawn to spending time either sculpting a future I desire, reviewing a situation or conversation that did not quite make sense or just reflecting on a past event or conversation. I seem to be in a perpetual mode of sense-making; trying to make sense of stuff so I can determine the next steps to take or even how to “file” the episode in my Life Folders. And yes, I am one of those people who like to journal.  I don’t do it daily but I hold huge volumes of journals where I have captured dreams, visions, thoughts or events that I sensed were significant.

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A Universal Church


Growing up I only knew of a few church denominations.  The Catholic Church was the most prominent in the area I was brought up and it greatly influenced my early perceptions of Christianity, God, Church and the like. Like many Catholics I went through the catechism classes necessary to start taking the Holy Communion and also to get confirmed. Just recently my Life Group discovered the names I was given during baptism and confirmation – hilarious!

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