Wrestling with God


Yeah, there are moments in life when it is important to hear the ultimate voice. At this point the conversations are not necessarily civil. This mantra of first seek to understand before being understood is readily thrown out of the window. I want answers and I want them now.  This is not going the way it was meant to.  I dd not sign up for this. This is costly Daddy and You need to do something about it and do it quickly while at it!

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The God Principle

Trinity.jpgI am no Theologian although one of my bucket list goals is to study Theology. I find the whole concept about God completely fascinating. That said I have no doubt at all that God exists.  It’s the knowing that does not call for evidence since that evidence is everywhere; I am the evidence of a God that is at work in people’s lives.  I therefore tackle the God Principle from a lay Christian perspective. Try and indulge me….

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Hearing Silence

Silence picture.jpg

Yes, there is such a thing as hearing silence.  The type of silence that is so loud that it’s palpable.  You can almost touch it.  There are different spaces where silence can be heard. Have you ever entered a room when people were talking and they suddenly go silent? That silence is experienced the way air is sucked from a room and the vacuum that is left is what you hear. Silence is like a Spirit that moves in and out of spaces. I am sure you are familiar with the silent treatment that some couples give each other – they all know there is an issue that needs to be discussed but none of them is brave enough to start the conversation!  Oh yes, silence can be deafeningly loud.

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Appreciating Dreams


What has been your experience with dreams?  I meet a lot of people who tell me that they don’t ever dream.  There is a difference between not remembering one’s dreams and never dreaming. The myth that there are people who don’t dream is just that – a myth.  I have interacted with people who claim they never dream and after exploring the world of dreams they start telling me about some of the dreams they now have and yes, they vividly remember these dreams.

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