The Dagger Ninja


I work for a corporate organization and often times when the word emotions comes up it’s not in a positive light.  You will hear the statement “so and so is too emotional” which more accurately should be stated “so and so shows his/her emotions openly”.  I say this because everybody has emotions which means each one of us is emotional.  It’s just that some people have learnt to keep their emotions tucked away hidden from sight. My challenge has always been that God created us with the ability to feel and show emotions so when did we get to the point where we demonized emotions?

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Living on Deadlines


I read a social media post recently that got me thinking.  Kenya is truly the land of deadlines.  There is a deadline for everything.  Many Kenyans have no intention to meet these deadlines by the way and their prayer is for an extension of the deadline or a shelving of the initial plans so our lives can continue in the trajectory we were on before this disturbing, interruption of an announcement of a deadline coming our way.

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Ungodly Altars


A few months ago I attended a multi-denominational fellowship that takes place every quarter.  If you want to appreciate how the Church, the Global Catholic Church that is, looks like you need to attend this session at least once to gauge for yourself.  It’s led by a dear friend, Father James Burasa. A Catholic priest by the way, which adds to the curiosity for non-Catholics.

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