Loving the World one School at a Time

IMG_5461 Senior Pastor Muriiithi Wanjau participating in  Spread the Love Campaign Public School Renovation at Mavoko  Primary School.JPG

As Reese Witherspoon says “You always gain by giving love”.  As I reflect on this quote it rings so true of the Mavuno Church “Spread the Love” initiative.  Every year in August, Congregants, family and friends of the Mavuno fraternity take time out to go and love on the communities nearest to them.  For a number of years now, the focus has been on public schools.  When the Government passed the policy in 2003 that made public Primary education free, the result was a huge capacity challenge in most schools. If you ask me though, that is a good problem to deal with.  Rather than worrying about children not attending schools, the concern shifted to ensuring the facilities in those schools were adequate to deal with the influx of children that took up the new opportunity.

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Life Codes from Childhood


I am in the process of completing a book as part of the Leadership Boot-camp class.  Interesting how the topic of the book has shifted several times since the assignment was first issued.  At first I wanted to take a shortcut and complete a book that has been on draft for over five years. I will still complete that book I promise and I know it will have “matured” by the time it sees the light of day. The second option was a topic that warms my heart.  It’s about some ladies in the Bible that are in my opinion the epitome of womanhood, absolute royalty. The likes of Queen Esther, Ruth and Abigael would have featured. These ladies fascinate me and every time I read their story I simply light up.

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