The issue with the “S” Word

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There are certain words that are almost taboo; words that you just don’t want to hear directed at you or even within your earshot.  Growing up there were words that would never be heard except from a drunkard or a very angry person who had thrown all caution to the wind.  Some of these words are common place today, especially with the younger generation but they still make me cringe. You know that statement that “a man can leave the village but the village may not have left the man”? I am certain irrespective of where you grew up there are still some words that have a similar effect on you.

Surrender is what I am wrestling with right now. I don’t know about you but I love charting my own path.  Independence is something that appeals to me because then I can control the input, process and outcome. Doesn’t that sound great? Unfortunately or should I say fortunately I have been on a journey that has taught me that only God can control the input, the process and the outcome.  It’s been a sad discovery to realise that I don’t control that much and I have deluded myself for a great part of my life.

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Ready for a Boot Camp?

fearless.jpgWhat comes to mind when you hear of a boot camp? Boot camps are mainly used in reference to physical workouts.  They are popular because they work every muscle group, you can do them anywhere, and you don’t need any specific equipment. A Boot camp uses team games, paired exercises, and group activities. It is not a solo affair and the team keeps each member energised. You can imagine what came to mind then when I heard about the Leadership Boot Camp. My Campus Pastor at HillCity challenged his entire strategy team to join and that is how I got enrolled.

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