The Half Way Mark: Episode VI


I am loving this reflection journey for sure.  We are nearly there; I mean at the 50 Nuggets mark. I challenge you to do a similar reflection.  There is no magic in the 50 number and even 3 take-outs are enough for one life time! I have already published 21 nuggets – refer to previous Episodes if you would like to catch up.

Some more nuggets for today:

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The Half Way Mark: Episode III


In the last 2 blogs I have been documenting some of the key lessons I have gathered throughout my life.  I turned 50 this year and thought it would help if I reflected on my journey and pen down what will take me through the next 50.

The last 6 nuggets were:

  • Thoughts become Things
  • You have the power to create your future
  • You can’t give God
  • Close doors gently
  • We each lead with our strengths
  • Learn to ask; the worst response you can get is a No!



A few more nuggets from my life journey.


  • When you are ready for the worst that can happen; you are unstoppable. The reason we fall short of the goals we set up is because we are often too risk averse.  We are better at counting losses, many that never ever materialise, than we are at noticing the possible upsides of any endeavour.  This is because the perceived losses naturally take the most attention. The idea is to come to terms with the worst that can happen then forge forward.

Think Wangari Mathai – no amount of hair pulling could deter her from defending the environment or indeed Uhuru Park.  Those of us still protecting our hair can only stand aside and admire her Nobel Peace Prize. What about Nelson Mandela or Martin Shikuku or even Eliud Kipchoge? What are we willing to pay the ultimate price for? That is the Success Ceiling we have placed on ourselves.

  • Life is all about Kidney recipients. If I ask you who is likely to offer you a kidney if you are ailing or who you would willingly offer one of your kidney in a time of dire need what would be your response? Those are your Kidney recipients.  I urge you to list them down today and remember to treat them with the care they deserve. They are carrying your donor kidney for all you know.

Other people will contribute for your medical bills or even your funeral and extend a huge loan or fund you for free but when it comes to kidneys, very few make the cut.  Now that you know this, how are you treating your kidney recipients and indeed donors? It’s coming to the close of the year. Remember your kidney recipients!

  • Forgiveness is the best gift to self. I don’t know if you love receiving gifts.  Here is one you ought to extend to yourself preferably every day.  I learnt this the hard way. I believed, like many of you probably, that I had been short-changed in life by people who ought to have championed my cause. The bitterness manifested in the inside and cost me dearly health wise.

When I made up my mind to let go, I realised I was the biggest beneficiary.  Although the effects of the inner imploding with un-forgiveness still fester today, I can see signs of some reversals.  I got here because I felt entitled to an apology that in most cases I am still waiting for. Forgiving others, self and God is something I have come to appreciate.  Try it and you will reap the benefit of a peaceful inner state of mind and spirit.

  • Whatever time you wake up is your morning. All the things you normally do when you wake up do them without regret.  Shower, dress up, make your bed, have a meal…follow your routine. You are now awake.  Now apply this in life. Being in the Human Resource profession, I have heard many people say they wish they had known something earlier and that their life would have turned out better.

My proposal is that this is the appointed time.  There is never a delay in “waking up”, start that business, go back to school, visit that friend, call your family for a gathering, give more, pray often…do that which you ought to have been doing before, now.  There was and is no better time than today.

  • Religion is man’s invention. Relationship is what God is after. Every religion without any exception is a quest to connect and appease a higher power.  Be it the traditional African Religions, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Shintoism and others. Religion is full of do’s and don’ts but what God is after is a relationship. This realization by itself has changed how I interact with people of different persuasions.  One is no better because they belong to one religion or another; the issue is how has that changed their life?

What stands out because you are a Hindu, a Christian? Can people see the Kingdom of God in you?  If not you are not representing God appropriately irrespective of your religious persuasion. Relationship is what changes life’s not religion.

Look out for the next blog and share your life lessons with the rest of us so we can learn and grow together.  Blessings!

The Half Way Mark: Episode II


In case you missed my last blog, I am documenting the key lessons I have gathered throughout my life.  Yes, I turned 50 this year and I am appreciative of the journey and the goodness of God. Seems like I left College just the other day but no…I have been working for the last 28 years so my memories may have been frozen in time.  Sharing the lessons is an attempt to unfreeze and reflect on the journey this far.

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