The Half Way Mark: Episode X


This is the last episode on the half way mark series.  50 life nuggets that I believe will serve me very well in my remaining life journey. God willing, at age 75, I plan to do a further 25 nuggets that will have characterised the lessons during the additional leg.

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The Half Way Mark: Episode IX


This is that point when I start asking myself, must the nuggets be 50? Can’t they be less?  Then I recall that the number was in respect to my marking the Jubilee – 50 years of life. I am grateful that I even entertained the idea to carry out this reflection let alone go through the process.  I am committed to finishing after all one of the assessments I did in the past classified me as a starter/finisher. I love starting new things and also cherish seeing them to completion so I guess this is a non-negotiable. 

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The Half Way Mark: Episode VIII


I am truly grateful that I embarked on this exercise of documenting my lessons from the 50 years of life.  It is an exercise I would recommend to everyone. As I review each nugget I reflect on how the lesson came about and how it has impacted my life. Some of the nuggets fill me with joy while others remind me of a tough season in life.  Either way, they have served me well.

Some more nuggets:

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