Success remains the No. 1 sought out goal today.

This is the book for your if you want to:

  1. Develop your Inner Power
  2. Create your own Future
  3. Accelerate your Successes
  4. Breath life into your Dreams

You hold in your hands a simple guide to age-old wisdom that has been lost in the “quick-fix” world we live in today

Dreams free us to explore not just the present but also the past and the future. At times dreams take us to secret places where we gain rare wisdom and knowledge

This little book is about a dream encounter. A dream that can only be achieved by sharing it with as many people as possible.

As long as we are on this side of life, MANNA is our portion!

The tragedy of modern day organisations in that Leadership has been glamourised at he expense of Management. Who wants to become a Manager when they can be a Leader? Dreaming the future is important but bringing that future to life is what success is made of! A great vision & strategy without execution capability = failure.

To plug the Execution Gap, it is time organisations went back to the basics and placed management capability at the core of business

Employee experience is the tapestry loosely referred to as organisation culture. Culture is really what employees experience every single day at the workplace. That experience is either good or bad.

Culture is not a “program” and this explains why most culture change programs fail. It is deeply rooted and yet absolutely intangible. Simply speaking, “Culture is the Spirit in a place” and can only be influenced and shaped through day and day interactions. Employee experience is therefore the true measure of the culture in an organization

We live in a world that pushes negative information to us almost on autopilot. You don’t need to actively look negativity. Its served to you free of charge! Without much effort on your part, new and toxic patterns of thought develop and become you GPS. If your struggle with thoughts such as:

  1. I am just not good enough
  2. Why isn’t God doing something about this?
  3. It’s a scary time to be alive
  4. I will never recover from this
  5. I have tried to forgive but I just can’t
  6. I am overwhelmed

The desire to grow is innate and career growth is one real measure of success


  1. Why less qualified people get promoted over you
  2. How to deal with “the boss from hell”
  3. What it takes to break into senior management ranks
  4. How to handle work place politics
  5. Where you are in the right career for you
  6. How to bounce back following a significant career set back
  7. How to increase your earning power; and so much more

When it comes to career growth, it is critical to separate rhetoric from practice. There unspoken truths will make or break your career!